• Mohamed Zahran Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine
  • Ahmed Tantawy
  • Hesham Abd-Fattah
  • Sundus Alsedra
  • Ahmed Youssef
Keywords: larynx, laryngeal neoplasms, chondrosarcoma


Chondrosarcoma is a rare tumor of the head and neck, accounting for approximately 0.1% of all head and neck malignancies and 1% to 2% of laryngeal neoplasm. A retrospective study of laryngeal chondrosarcoma cases in the past 20 years was done. Six patients diagnosed with laryngeal chondrosarcoma were included in the study. The clinical presentations, diagnostic work-up, management and outcome were presented. All patients were male, between 45-60 years old. All patients presented with voice changes, dyspnea later on stridor that required tracheostomy to secure airway. The site of origin was the cricoid cartilage in 3 cases, the thyroid cartilage in two cases and the arytenoid cartilage in one case. All patients underwent total laryngectomy depending on clinical presentation & size of lesion. Laryngeal chondrosarcoma is a slowly growing tumor that is rarely metastasizing to neck lymph nodes. Airway obstruction is the most presenting symptoms. Once the patient needs tracheostomy, a sort of laryngectomy Mostly, total laryngectomy is recommended. No chemo-radiotherapy is recommended for organ preservation protocol.


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