• S. M. Oprescu
Keywords: Editorial


Modern science is primarily based on interdisciplinary communication between researchers so that the results of individual research and findings can be quickly validated by others or, in turn, invalidated. This creates the premises of a new concept in the scientific world, that of Open Science. This concept, which is becoming more and more of a norm and supported by European policies (the Horizon 2020 Program), is based on two major pillars: the ease of publishing and the ease of accessing the literature.

Journal of Surgical Sciences has represented a major addition for the young medical science community in Romania, offering students and young researchers the opportunity to publish the results of their research, research that most often meets the highest standards. This feature has shown young people the confidence they should enjoy, giving them a starting point in the journalistic component of their medical career.

We believe that during the times we are living publishing scientific articles is no longer a component reserved for a small group of researchers, it should also be accessible to medical professionals not directly involved in research. Special clinical cases, rare pathologies, particular developments, or individualized management forms are not the exclusive focus of research centers but are found frequently in all medical clinics. These particular situations can be or should be the core of topical scientific articles.

Under these circumstances, we considered it appropriate to launch a new scientific journal under the patronage of the University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, a journal that gathers articles from all clinical specialties, to which both the university staff, the students and all the medical staff involved could have access - Romanian Journal of Clinical Research.

We hope that this new journal will meet the highest requirements in scientific publishing and provide both researchers and clinicians with the right environment to disseminate both the results of their studies and the clinical cases of particular interest.

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