Sanjay N Koppad1, Abhinandan B Vandakudri2,Mallikarjun Desai1, Harsha Kodliwadmath1

1Dept of General Surgery, SDM College of Medical Sciences, Sattur, Dharwad, Karnataka, India
2Dept of General Surgery, Kodagu Institute of Medical Sciences, Madikeri, Karnataka, India

Corresponding author: Sanjay N Koppad
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Acute appendicitis is a common surgical condition that requires prompt diagnosis. However a decision to operate based on the clinical suspicion alone can lead to removal of the normal appendix in 15-30% cases. Besides the modern imaging techniques, scoring systems, based on clinical signs and symptoms and routine laboratory assessments, have been used as a diagnostic aid. However, differences in sensitivities and specificities were observed if the scores were applied to various populations and clinical settings. The purpose of this paper is to assess the validity of the Ohmann score and the correlation of ultrasound in diagnosis of acute appendicitis. A total of 80 patients were enrolled in this study, 52 male patients and 28 females patients suspected of acute appendicitis that were admitted, investigated and treated. After detailed examination and investigations, the Ohmann score was applied to these patients. A cut off point of 9 was taken. Patients were divided into two groups, group I score of ≥ 9 and group 2 score of < 9. This study was conducted at SDM College of Medical Sciences and Hospital Dharwad.Proportion of true positive for score ≥ 9 is 86.9%, Proportion of true negatives for score less than 9 is 87.1%. Sensitivity and specificity of this study being 96% and 66.7%, positive predictive value and negative predictive value being 82.8 % and 90.9% respectively. Diagnostic odds ratio being 48 and P value of less than 0.005. The high scores in Ohmann scoring system is dependable aid in the early diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Combined with ultrasound, the Ohmann scoring system has high sensitivity and specificity, in the prediction of acute appendicitis.

Keywords: abdominal pain, acute Appendicitis, Ohmann Score, abdominal ultrasound

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