Alexandra Vintea1, Romina Sima2, T Burcos3,4, G Bănceanu1,4, Oana Toader1,4
1The National Institute for Mother and Fetal Health “Alessandrescu Rusescu”, Polizu Maternity, Bucharest, Romania
2“St John” Hospital, “Bucur” Maternity, Bucharest, Romania
3Coltea Clinical Hospital, The Surgery Department, Bucharest, Romania
4The University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, Romania
Corresponding author: Romina Sima
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The incidence of breast cancer in pregnancy is expected to occur more frequently because of delaying childbearing until later in life. The suspicion index must be very high for a diagnosis in a case of a breast tumor which appears in pregnancy, and postponing the diagnosis may impact the patient survival and quality of life. In the below article we will present the case of a 29-year-old woman who was admitted in our clinic after the appearance of a tumor in her left breast. The patient is 23 weeks pregnant and the tumor appeared at 16 weeks of gestation. She denies other pathologic affections. The clinical and ultrasound examination of the breast revealed the volume of left breast 2 times bigger than the right one, with intense Doppler signal. Fine needle aspiration and core biopsy were performed and the result was not very conclusive. The patient wants to continue the pregnancy and she disagrees with further procedures during the gestation period. She delivers by elective C-Section at 36 weeks of gestation a healthy, 2300 grams girl. Two weeks after the delivery and after inhibition of lactation, wide local excision of the disease was performed and 2 tumors were extracted (first 7/4/2.5 cm; second 18/16/8 cm, both of them with firm consistency and with white-yellowish color). The histology was Phyllodes tumor with myxomatous areas. The postoperative evolution was favorable without any recurrence until now.

Keywords: breast tumor, phyllodes tumor, pregnancy

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