Associate Professor Daniel Ion, Ph.D,                                                                     


Of all predictions made about the third millennium’s society, the one regarding the scale and implications of the phenomenon called scientific research and the reports accompanying it were the least taken into consideration.

If we add the aspect of Internet accessibility we are close to shaping the global dimension of the scientific community.

When I was a student, that is, more than 30 years ago, science was considered the prize of some initiates, whose first condition was their age, well passed their green years.

I will not insist on examples of inventions developed by young and very young people but I will remind my colleagues, students and young doctors about the immense advantage they have thanks to the new technologies, which enable them to process a huge volume of information very fast and to make meaningful reviews.

The purpose of my approach is not to demystify and to lower this noble occupation from the pedestal built on its social respectability but to urge students to overcome the passive learning stage based on the mechanical uptake of courses more or less up to date.

Be proactive! Make upgrades through research! It is increasingly difficult to encompass all the data of an academic subject in a limited course as a whole (both in time and in typographic space) and the systematization of sources is itself a problem.

Many believed that the new computer technologies would lead to the diminution of intellectual labor as the machinations of the previous centuries reduced the physical one. Error!

Even with these high performance tools, the effort and the preoccupation must be as sustained as ever, in order to produce significant results.

Dear young colleague: be a human of our time, make a realistic career plan, constantly anticipate change, cultivate your intellectual curiosity, and try your powers in the scientific journalism market as often as possible.

Our journal, its team, has maximum availability in this regard.






Sunday the 18th.