V.L. Madan1,2, A. Aungurenci2, S.A. Maslovici 3, M.F. Rădulescu4, A.C. Rădulescu5, V.T. Grigorean1,6, D.C. Badiu1,6
1The University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, Romania
2The Urology Department of University Emergency Central Military Hospital ‘Dr Carol Davila’, Bucharest, Romania
3The Radiology Department of University Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
4The Urology Department of Centre Hospitalier Régional Metz-Thionville, France
5The Urology Department of Emergency Hospital ‘Prof. Dr. Dimitrie Gerota’, Bucharest, Romania
6The General Surgery Department of Clinical Emergency Hospital ‘Bagdasar-Arseni’, Bucharest, Romania
Corresponding author: Alexandru Aungurenci
Phone no. 0040754076537
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The stone disease in a pelvic kidney is often difficult to treat due to the multiple anatomical anomalies. We have performed a laparoscopic pyelolithotomy for a large pelvic kidney stone with guided intraoperative flexible ureteroscopy. We have successfully performed a peritoneal transmesocolic laparoscopic pyelolitotomy to a 35-year old female patient with a 23 mm stone located in the collecting system of her right pelvic kidney. During the operation we also used a flexible ureteroscope to identify the stone due to an aberrant disposition of the right collecting system. Operative time was of 5 hours with no injury of major blood vessels. Postoperative recovery was four days with minimal abdominal pain, minimal abdominal drainage, no urine leakage in the peritoneal cavity and fast retrieval of gastrointestinal function. At this point the patient is stone free and the kidney has normal function demonstrated in a renal scintigraphy. Laparoscopic pyelolithotomy is a safe and efficient treatment option for stone disease with large calculi in ectopic pelvic kidney. The advantage of laparoscopic pyelolithotomy is that it has good functional results, with fast postoperative recovery, low complication rates and high stone free rate in one session.

Keywords: Stone disease, renal ectopy, pelvic kidney, laparoscopic pelolithotomy

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