Professor Viorel Scripcariu, Rector, UMF “Gr. T. Popa”, Iasi



The 14th edition of Congressis has taken place in Iasi between the 6th and the 9th of April this year under the auspices of The University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‘Gr. T. Popa’. It was organized by the SSMI (Society of Medical Students Iasi), who made considerable efforts to organize the congress in the best conditions.

 The motto of the event was ‘Embrace the art of medicine’. It was directly addressed to medical students and young doctors interested in continuous medical education. During the four days of the congress, the participants were actively involved in presenting scientific papers and posters in four main topics: fundamental sciences, internal medicine, surgery, social and behavioral sciences. The official language of the congress was English. 

The opening ceremony took place in ‘Voievozilor Hall’ at the Palace of Culture from Iasi, and it was followed by a cocktail at the ‘Chopin and Vivaldi’ Congress Hall. 

The scientific program included a segment for special conferences with two lecturers invited: Professor Dumitru Constantin Dulcan MD, PhD, specialist in Neurology and Psychiatry at The University ‘Titu Maiorescu’ Bucharest who presented “The brain and the new spirituality” and Cristian Andrei MD, PhD, specialist in Neuropsychiatry, correspondent editor of “The British Journal of Psychiatry”, with the lecture entitled “Using Suggestion in Everyday professional Life”. 

Other lectures that have taken place in Iasi followed various topics in medicine, from basic science to surgery. Among those, some of the most interesting and with the highest numbers of attendants were: “Current Management of Upper Gastrointestinal Malignancies” by Filip Bogdan MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Surgery Iasi, “Small Cell Lung Cancer- New Therapeutical Approaches” by Professor Lucian Miron Iasi, “Macroautophagy: How Does it Work? From Pathogen Clearance to Antigen Presentation” by Professor Petru Cianga Iasi, “The Brain Behind the Brain” by Teaching Assistant Bogdan Iliescu Iasi, “Time is Brain” by Margitta Seek, Professor of Neurology at the University of Geneva, Director of pre- surgical epilepsy program Geneva- Lausanne and “Oxygen Therapy- Our Daily Bread” by Professor Ioana Grigoras Iasi.

The Congress was not focused only on the theoretical aspect of medical education, thus it included a practical aspect represented by various workshops with direct involvement of all participants, interactive courses and hands-on training devices. The most important of those workshops were: “Airway management” by Professor Ioana Grigoras, “Essential Steps in the Surgeon’s Preoperative Preparation” by Teaching Assistant Nutu Vlad, “Urinary Tract Surgery Techniques” by Teaching Assistant Bogdan Novac, “Advanced Life Support” by Professor Carmen Diana Cimpoiesu, “Basic Techniques in Ophthalmic Surgery” by Lecturer Ciprian Danielescu, “Basic Skills in Cardiac Surgery” by Professor Tinica Grigore, “Modern and Classic in Radiation Oncology” by Dragos Teodor Iancu, “From radiopharmaceutical to Molecular Functional Imaging” by Professor Cipriana Stefanescu, “Vascular Surgery Skills” by Associate Professor Popa Radu Florin, “Uses of Hypnosis in Medicine- Hypnotherapy” by Assistant Professor Serban Turliuc, “Tips and Tricks in Electrocardiography: Clinical Cases” by Assistant Professor Mariana Floria and “Basic techniques Used in Plastic Surgery To Cover The Soft Tissue Defects With Local Flaps” by Assistant Professor Mihaela Pertea. 

At the end of Congressis, the closing ceremony took place in the Big Hall of The Central University Library, where the representatives of SSMI honored the participants and the prize winners. Congressis 2017 in numbers: 9 organizing teams, 90 volunteers, 756 participants, 40 workshops, 15 conferences, 4 special guests and, why not, 3 themed parties. 

With the personal beliefs that all of the participants have enjoyed the interaction with colleagues from different countries and that this will stimulate the exchange of ideas, we kindly invite all interested medical students and young doctors to future editions of Congressis. Let’s not forget that medicine is a science, but one cannot excel if he will not practice it with the heart alongside the brain. “Embrace the art of medicine!” 







Wednesday the 21st.