Assistant Lecturer Dan Nicolae Păduraru, MD, Ph.D                                                                        


The 18th edition of the National Congress of Surgery, one of the events where surgeons from all Romanian surgical units gather together every 2 years in order to share their experience and to learn one from another, will take place this year between the 1st and the 4th of April at the “Casino Sinaia”. The main organizer of the Congress is the Romanian Society of Surgery (represented by Professor Mircea Beuran, MD, acting president and Professor Silviu Constantinoiu, MD, the Society’s chosen president). In their presence, during the National Congress of Surgery 2014, the official launch of Journal of Surgical Sciences, the magazine dedicated to students and young doctors, has taken place two years ago. Given that this year's theme of the congress is "Surgery of today – Surgery of the future", scientific manifestation proposing and debating topical issues and dispersing findings, part of the editorial board of the Journal (Associate Professor Ion Daniel, Lecturer Bolocan Alexandra, Assistant Lecturer Dan Nicolae Paduraru and Octavian Andronic) welcomes a precongress course titled "Modern dissemination of scientific research results", meant to bring into the discussion in a large way what steps must be taken in developing and writing a scientific article. The evolution of medicine was primarily due to the technical evolution that influenced clinical and scientific progress and secondly to the dispersal of the research and its results. Given that in recent years the number of scientific publications evolved exponentially, the pace at which we are determined to do research is more alert. For this reason it is very important to contribute to training researchers as early as their student years or during the years of residency. The proposed course will be structured in 6 sections:  Introduction - which will raise the next issues: Why should I write an article? Which  A qui bon? – a motivational speech which answers the following question: Why should  From research to publishing.  Introduction to Mendeley.  Ethics. Scientometrics. Bibliometrics.  Questions, Discussions and Conclusions. Writing and submitting an article for publication may seem easy, but often a significant number of articles are returned for revision or rejected due to errors of form and not of content. For this reason, in this course, we want to point out aspects that help young researchers in the development of more accurate articles. should be the topic of the article? Where do I get informed from? Where do I publish it? the task of writing a scientific article be part of a student’s or young doctor’s concerns?






Wednesday the 21st.