I. Slavu1, V. Braga1, L. Alecu 2

1General Surgery Clinic, Emergency Clinical Hospital Floreasca, Bucharest
2General Surgery Clinic, Emergency Clinical Hospital “Prof. Dr. Agrippa Ionescu”, Bucharest

Corresponding author: Lucian Alecu
Phone no. 00400212228129
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Based on a case operated in our clinic the paper discusses the various applications of robotic surgery in the surgical treatment of the hepatic hydatid cyst. We present the case of a 29- year-old patient who presented to our clinic with chronic abdominal pain (8 months) localized in the right upper quadrant, without irradiation and showing no other accompanying phenomena. The patient was hospitalized and after clinical and laboratory investigations we confirmed the diagnosis of hepatic multilocularhydatid cyst located in the V, VI and VIII segments. Surgery was performed under general anesthesia and with the help of the STANDARD da Vinci robotic system equipped with four arms. The parasite was intactivated, a partial pericystectomy was done and the remaining cavity was drained. The patient's postoperative evolution was favorable and she was discharged in the 8th postoperative day. The 8 month follow-up showed no complications or pathological changes. In conclusion, robotic surgery can be successfully used in the treatment of the hepatic hydatid cyst.

Keywords: robot, hydatic cyst, minimally invasive

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